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  • Concurrent - MapDB has record level locking and state-of-art concurrent engine. Its performance scales nearly linearly with number of cores. Data can be written by multiple parallel threads.

  • Fast - MapDB has outstanding performance rivaled only by native DBs. It is result of more than a decade of optimizations and rewrites.

  • ACID - MapDB optionally supports ACID transactions with full MVCC isolation. MapDB uses write-ahead-log or append-only store for great write durability.

  • Flexible - MapDB can be used everywhere from in-memory cache to multi-terabyte database. It also has number of options to trade durability for write performance. This makes it very easy to configure MapDB to exactly fit your needs.

  • Hackable - MapDB is component based, most features (instance cache, async writes, compression) are just class wrappers. It is very easy to introduce new functionality or component into MapDB.

  • SQL Like - MapDB was developed as faster alternative to SQL engine. It has number of features which makes transition from relational database easier: secondary indexes/collections, autoincremental sequential ID, joints, triggers, composite keys…

  • Low disk-space usage - MapDB has number of features (serialization, delta key packing…) to minimize disk used by its store. It also has very fast compression and custom serializers. We take disk-usage seriously and do not waste single byte.

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Version: 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2014-04-16.

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